Better Off Dead: An #UrbanFantasy Vampire and Fae #Romance (#Book 1)

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INTRODUCINGBetter Off Dead: An Urban Fantasy Vampire and Fae Romance (Book 1) (Fae-Ever Dead), By Claire Grimes


Zoey Mayfair knows there must be some kind of mistake, she never meant to actually die.

butterfly logoAfter being dumped by her fiancé because she doesn’t seem to need him, 25-year-old Zoey Mayfair cooks up a scheme over a bottle of red wine: she’ll fake an attempt at suicide so that he feels badly enough to come crawling back to her. It’s only when she wakes up in the morgue days later that she realizes she’s made a terrible, life changing (and ending) mistake.

Pulled out of a morgue drawer by the mysterious Jason Teague, he explains to her that she’s one of the lucky rare few that get to come back after death to help others die…just like him. Thrown into a supernatural underground featuring faeries, vampires, and witches, Zoey doesn’t know if she wants to participate in this magical world.

Making matters worse is Maurice, a barista with a cute smile who seems to be interested in Zoey in the most boring way possible…something that Zoey finds incredibly enticing. Can she ignore her new-found supernatural powers and still attempt to live a normal life? How did she even become this anyway? And more importantly…what happens if she breaks the rules?

The first in a series, Better Off Dead introduces the reader to a magical word full of mythology, magic, and much more.

If you love Urban Fantasy Romance with Sexy Vampires who love their Fae women then this wonderful romantic tale is right up your alley. So click the link below and discover what Zoey does about Maurice, her hot barista with a cute smile.

CLICK HERE –> Better Off Dead: Fae-Ever Dead, Book 1. 

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